Golden Valley Walking Club

Walking Calendar - 2022


Please use the booking form to register for any walk. This is important so we can manage each walk, with sufficient numbers of trained volunteers. 

Currently we recommend you carry a face mask (in case you need to enter premises) and hand sanitiser for use after stiles and gates. All of these precautions may cease to be required later this year. 


A reconnaissance walk is made and a written risk assessment is produced for all club Walks. You are reminded that you walk at your own risk. You should carry all the safety equipment, food and drink required, and be fit enough to undertake the walk chosen. Walk leaders will carry medical and communication and navigational equipment. In hot weather in Summer, you are advised to carry additional fluids for rehydration purposes. On mountain walks you will need to wear and carry additional warm clothing and equipment. We can advise on this.

Start Times
We will wait 5 minutes at the start of each walk. If you are running late call Dave Howerski on mobile 079260863343

Dogs & Guest Walkers
Guest Walkers and dogs are also welcome on all club walks. We expect dog owners to keep their dog under control and follow the Dog Walking Code. It is here.

We are on Facebook @goldenvalleywalkingclub.

If you need any more information, or have any queries contact Dave Howerski


Sometimes details may have to change (i.e. extreme weather), we will email you before a walk if there are any changes to published plans.

We look forward to seeing you on our walks “Come Walk with Us


Golden Valley Walking Club – Walks List 2022


RV and Start time

Walk Location




Monday 3/01/2022

1000 hrs Seven Stars Clehonger , HR2 9FF

Local Areas , Clehonger, Eaton Bishop , Courtlands

Local walk

(6 miles )

Local area walk

Saturday 8/01/2022

RV 0800 hrs
Leisure Pool Car Park Toilets Block, Bishops Meadow , St Martins Street, HR2 7RQ

Breinton , Bridge Sollars, Ruckhall, Old Clehonger, Belmont, Hunderton.

Moderate Circular Riverside and Rural all day Winter Walk

17.5 miles

Not quite a challenge walk , but a full days walking nonetheless. A rural and riverside walk encompassing both North and South of the River Wye west of Hereford City

Saturday 22/01/2022

RV 0930 hrs Ewas Harold VillageHall, Pontrilas Road, Ewas Harold, HR2 OEL. Grid 39252771

Ewas Harold , Langua

Local Circular

9k (5.6Miles)

Local Walk Ewyas Harold Area.

Saturday 5/02/2022

RV 0930 hrs , Red Lion Car Park , Bredwardine, HR3 6BU

Merbach , Arthurs Stone , Bredwardine,

Local Circular

5.3 miles)

Local Walk Bredwardine, Merbach , Dorstone area.

Saturday 26/02/2022

RV 0900 hrs Yew Tree Inn , Preston on Wye , HR2 9JT

Preston onWye, Blakemere, Stockley. Tyberton, Preston on Wye.

Golden Valley Circular

6.8 miles

Local circular with “death climb” at Blakemere. Defibrillator needed. Post Walk Medical Rehydration may be necessary.

Sunday 13/03 /2022

RV 1000 hrs Duke of Wellingtons Monument, SE of St Marys Church ,Brecon LD3 7AE

Brecon Canal walk, rural , riverside and canal walk Circular

Brecon Area Circular

6.2 miles

Rural riverside and canal walk finishes at Opera House , mainly flat , gentle easy walk.


RV and Start time

Walk Location




Sunday 27/03/2022

0900hrs RV All Saints Church , Old Clehonger, HR2 9SE

Clehonger, Aconbury Circular


12 miles

Rural walk to Aconbury Hill, moderate climb. Pleasant countryside walk

Saturday 9/04/2022

RV 0930 hrs Taf Fechan Forest Car Park, Grid 037171, South of Upper Nueadd Reservoir, Car park is located in the Taf Fechan Forest.

Brecon Beacons, Horse Shoe walk, Nueadd, Corn Du , Pen-y fan, Devils Staircase, Cribyn ,


14K 8.6 miles

This is a wonderful mountain walk in the very heart of the Beacons. First 45 minutes is a steep climb,.Then ridge top walking to Corn Du and climb Pen-y fan. Descending the Devils Staircase to climb the Cribyn. Then back to Nueadd on the roman road.

Thursday 14/04/2022

RV 0900 hrs Eaton Bishop Village Hall

Eaton Bishop, Lane Head , Tuck Mill , Cagebrook, Clehonger

Circular local area

4.8 miles

Eaton Bishop local area walk includes cagebrook valley(SSSI) and Iron age promontory fort at Tuck Mill.

Saturday 7/05/2022

RV 0930 hrs Ledbury Market House, Ledbury, HR8 1DS.

Ledbury and Oyster Hill areas.

Circular local area

14K 9.5 miles

A local walk going north to Oyster Hill. A couple of gentle climbs on this route. Open fields , Country lanes and woodlands.

Saturday 14/05/2022

Big Black Mountain Challenge

RV after 0700 hrs , Start Times (TBC ) for each walk. Llanthoney Priory, Abergavenny NP7 7NN

Black mountains and Offas Dyke . Mountain walking Challenge walks

Circular Walks x 3

45k 30K 17K

45K or

30k or

17 k

You enter the event individually, at £25 per head .

Choose your walk distance. This is a fund raising event for the Longtown Mountain Rescue Team.


Wednesday 25/05/2022

RV 1600 hrs , The Comet Inn Car park , Madley HR2 9NJ

Madley Cublington circular Walk

Circular Short Walk

6.5 k
4 miles

Local area walk in Madley followed by Medical rehydration in the Comet Inn.

Saturday 4/06/2022

RV 0900 hrs Monmouth Shire Hall, Agincourt Square, NP25 3DY,

Wye Valley, Kymin, Offas Dyke ,

Circular moderate


13 miles

Gentle climb to the Kymin, Naval Temple, then Offas Dyke and river side paths on the wye. Mid way Medical rehydration in Redbrook.


RV and Start time

Walk Location




Friday 17/06/2022

Herefordshire Trail . Linear Walk . Walkers to get dropped off at Dore Abbey. RV 0900 hrs at front door of the Abbey Itself, Club to arrange pick up cars for Hay on Wye finish

Abbey Dore , Peterchurch, Snodhill, Vagar Hill , Cusop Dingle , Bridge in Hay on Wye.

Linear Walk Challenge Walk,

17 miles 27 k

9/10 hours walking ,
Pick up in Hay on Wye at
The Blue Boar , Castle Street, Hay-on Wye , HR3 5DF.
Medical Rehydration Point

at approx 1800-1900 hrs

Sunday 19/06/2022

RV 0900 hrs Eaton Bishop Village Hall ,

Golden Valley Area

Challenge Walk

32K 20 miles

Challenge Walk for Herefordshire Walking Festival, Book online with HWF for this walk. Lunch Stop in Peterchurch . Details to follow.

Wednesday 22/06/2022

RV 1600hrs Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall Pontrilas Road, Ewas Harold, HR2 OEL. Grid 39252771

Ewyas Harold , Paradise Walk,

Circular Walk

8K 5 miles

Walk for Herefordshire Walking Festival, Book online with HWF. Local area walk, evening walk, some initial climbing. Medical Rehydration planned for The Temple Bar Inn on the way back.

Thursday 23/06/2022

RV 1700 hrs

Yew Tree Inn Car Park , Preston On Wye
HR2 9JT , grid 385414

Bycross , Preston Court and Lulham,

Circular Walk

10.2 k 6.4 miles

GVWC Walk Local area walk ,largely flat , Medical Rehydration planned for the Yew Tree post walk.

Friday 24/06/2022

RV 1700 hrs

Yew Tree Inn Car Park , Preston On Wye
HR2 9JT , grid 385414

Bycross , Preston Court and Lulham,

Circular Walk

10.2 k 6.4 miles

Walk for Herefordshire Walking Festival. Book online with HWF. Local area walk largely flat , Medical Rehydration planned for the Yew Tree.

Wednesday 6/07/22

RV 0900 hrs Eaton Bishop Village Hall

Madley, Marsh Farm, Clehonger, New Barns

Circular walk

6 miles

Local area short walk


RV and Start time

Walk Location




Saturday 23/07/22

9.4k (5.9Miles) Wormhill, Swinmoor , Lulham.

Wormhill, Swinmoor , Luulham,


9.4 k
5.9 miles

Local Area Short Walk.

Saturday 13/08/22

RV 0900 hrs The Kilpeck Inn , Castle Park, Kilpeck, Hereford HR2 9DN.

Kilpeck, Garway , Kentchurch

Circular , moderate

19K 12.9 miles

Moderate walk includes Garway Hill.

Saturday 27/08/22

RV 0900 hrs Eaton Bishop Village Hall,

Madley , Shenmore , Preston on Wye


17.5 k 10.8 miles