Golden Valley Walking Club

Golden Valley Walking Club – Safeguarding Advice for Walk Leaders

We welcome children, young people under 18 and vulnerable adults on all activities that are suitable for them as individuals, so long as they are accompanied.
Be aware that:

Everyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility. We do not accept unaccompanied young people aged 15-17 on Club Walks. People with special needs must be accompanied by someone responsible for their direct care.

At the start of an activity:

Inform people what to expect:

Explain that people with medical concerns can raise them discreetly and confidentially with you. If they do, take a note of emergency contact numbers or vital medical details that could be of use to the emergency services.

Remind adults accompanying children and young people of their responsibility for direct care and supervision. Remind carers of their responsibilities.


So long as a judgement is not based on stereotypical assumption or prejudice, don’t be afraid to exclude people for whom you believe the activity to be unsuitable; or if their participation would result in danger to the individual or danger or major disruption to the rest of the group.

During the activity:

If anyone is under serious threat of physical harm or in need of urgent treatment dial 999 and ask for the police and/or ambulance as appropriate.

Be sensible and self-aware. Avoid placing yourself into situations where your actions may be misinterpreted.

After the activity:

If an incident has occurred, please complete the GVWC incident report form.

Note: in activities involving tools, such as footpath maintenance, under 18s must be supervised at all times by responsible adults.

Kindly Adapted from Ramblers Advice Document dated 2017.